Monday, March 4, 2013

So Cash Broke His Ankle Jumping Out Of An Airplane, Huh?

(Straight chillin'  Courtesy of John Harper)

Can't say I blame him.  I usually want to jump out of a plane when the Yankees have an off-day too.


Just kidding.  Actually it sounds like this was a pretty serious deal.  There were early reports that Cash suffered a compound fracture, similar in severity to Joba's ankle injury this time last year.  When asked by responding EMTs how he felt, Cash said, "Have you seen the guys we signed this offseason?  How do you THINK I feel?!?"


Seriously, folks, seriously.  It's hard to get upset at a guy who doesn't have an on-the-field job getting injured doing something for a good cause.  I only wish Cash would have waited a few weeks and did this on the anniversary of Joba's ankle injury.  That would have been an MSM Twitter firestorm!

Slowed Down Spring For CC Continues, And It's Downright Brilliant

(No, that's not CC reacting to pain in his left elbow.  And that's a good thing)

I jumped on the "reducing CC Sabathia's workload" bandwagon early, like as soon as the Yankees announced plans to do that this season.  I became a card-carrying member of the "I Support Reducing CC's Workload Club" two weeks ago when he threw his first bullpen of the spring, a signal that the Yankees were taking the efforts to reduce his workload seriously.  And I'm putting down money for the official club t-shirt after finding out last Thursday that the Yankees have pushed CC's first spring start back to March 15th.  Chad Jennings had the details last week, which included Joe's desire to not have CC face the Blue Jays as scheduled on March 10th.  As a result, Sabathia will throw another simulated game on the 10th, make his first official ST start on the 15th, and end up with only three total ST outings under his belt before taking the hill on Opening Day.

Early Spring Training Winners And Losers

(Winnah!  Courtesy of the AP)

(Originally published at IIATMS/TYA)

Greetings, IIATMS readers!  For those of you who know me, I'm Brad V. from TYA and An A-Blog for A-Rod.  For those who don't, I'll allow you a few minutes to peruse the archives of either of those sites and familiarize yourselves with my work.  I'm going to be holding down the morning slot here on the new IIATMS/TYA Yankee superblog, and in the interest of full disclosure I might as well tell you right now that once the season starts I'm probably be going to use this slot to nitpick and complain about whatever went wrong in the previous night's game.  I'll also be using it to comment on and analyze some bigger picture trends I've noticed in the team's or an individual player's recent performance.  With that idea of trends in mind, I'd like to use my introductory post here to take a look at the early winners and losers in Spring Training.  We've got two weeks of full-team workouts and games under our belt, and while that's not enough of a sample size to make definitive declarations, it's still enough to comment intelligently.

Another Slight AB4AR Expansion

Despite some of the rumors that have been suggested in the past few weeks, this is not to announce that I'm discontinuing the blog, adding writers to the blog, or even that I'm pregnant.  It's none of that.  As far as AB4AR goes, nothing is changing.  The blog is staying right here, I'll continue to write for it every day, and hopefully continue to pretend to be a half-decent Yankee blogger.  This announcement comes instead as another slight extension to the AB4AR market share in the Yankosphere.

Starting today, the IIATMS and TYA blogs will merge and become one.  And as a part of the TYA family, I will be joining in that merger.  If you're a regular reader of those blogs, you've probably noticed that both sites have had some personnel changes recently and that Stacey Gotsulias has taken over as the leader of IIATMS.  The decision was made to merge both sites to make up for the personnel changes and create a megablog that combines, in my 100% honest opinion, the greatest collection of Yankee bloggers on the planet.  And somehow they decided that giving me the 9:30 AM slot there was a wise decision, so that's my new gig as part of the super merger.  Fools!  If only they knew...

Between the regular staffs of both sites and the collection of familiar veteran bloggers that will pop in from time to time, there isn't another Yankee blog out there that boasts the depth and the talent of the new IIATMS/TYA, and in all honesty I'm just glad to be a part of it.  And I wanted to let everybody here know to check me out over there and check out the site because it's going to kick ass.  I'll be writing the same type of stuff you've come to know and hate love here on the new site.  Some of it you'll have read here already, but some of it you won't have, so you owe it to yourself to become a regular reader of the new IIATMS/TYA to keep up with my nonsense.