Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jerry Hairston A Padre

The San Diego Padres have agreed to a $2,125,000, one-year deal with Yankees utilityman Jerry Hairston Jr.

The deal with the infielder-outfielder comes two days after the Padres completed a trade with Oakland to reacquire Hairston’s younger brother, Scott. (story courtesy of the AP)

Wow, 2.125 mil, huh? I guess the Yankees weren't playing around when they set that $2 million hardline for a left fielder. It's starting to look more and more like Brett Gardner is going to be the everyday left fielder (which I'm perfectly happy with), and that the Yankees are serious about making Ramiro Pena their do-all, infield-outfield bench guy to replace Hairston (which I'm a little concerned about).

If the Yanks are serious about Reed Johnson, which all reports say they are, they are going to have to increase the ceiling on that $2 mil budget at least a little bit because I don't see him coming any cheaper than Hairston did.

And if you're keeping score at home, the bench right now consists of Pena, Cervelli, Miranda, and that Jamie Hoffmann kid. Here's hoping he turns out to be some type of modern day Roy Hobbs, otherwise letting Hinske and Hairston go is going to look dumb.