Saturday, January 4, 2014

Don't Think So, Vern

Vernon Wells was on MLB Network Radio on Thursday, talking about his future with the Yankees.  He said "hopefully I'll get one more year" with the team and that both he and his family "had so much fun" being a part of the Yankee organization in 2013.  Wells is still under contract with the team for the next season, albeit with none of his salary counting towards the payroll thanks to some nifty accounting when the Yanks traded for him last year.

I hate to break it to you, Vern, but I don't think you're getting that year and I don't think the team shares your enthusiasm about coming back.  You're the 6th outfielder on the Major League depth chart right now and contrary to your statement there is not "possibly one spot" up for grabs, at least not one that you have a realistic shot at.  You hit .233/.282/.349 this past season, .221/.294/.295 in the second half.  You didn't hit for any power after May, you can't play the outfield, and if it wasn't for Eduardo Nunez's existence you would have been the worst player on the team this year.

The Yankees still need to add Brian Roberts and Matt Thornton to the 40-man roster, and at some point they're going to add at least 1 more starting pitcher.  You're as good as gone, Vern, and to be honest that's for the best.  If you're getting any time in the Yankee outfield in 2014, something went terribly, horribly wrong.