Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Jones And Me

A day after last year's lefty masher, Marcus Thames, moved out to LA, the Yanks wasted no time in filling that roster hole, today signing Andruw Jones to a 1-year deal to be the 4th outfielder.

According to Jon Heyman, the deal is worth $ 2 million with the possibility of another $1.2 mil in incentives.  Hmmm, where did I read that contract proposal before?  Who could have suggested that deal?  Oh that's right, it was ME!

"P.S.- If the Yanks are actually picking nits about money on the deal then I'm going to be pissed.  Give the dude 1 year and $ 2 mil with incentives and call it a day."

So I guess they can call it a day now, right?  Who cares, hit the music!

The Brian Cashman Show Continues

Ya know, if this GM thing doesn't work out after his contract ends this season, Cash might have a future in show business.  Check out this doozy from his appearance at the Middletown, CT Chamber of Commerce breakfast:

"He’s [Andy's] opting not to play right now but that might change it might not. I told him don’t ‘Brett Favre’ us"

ZING!!!  The Cash Man is hot today!  Although I would argue that what Andy is doing right now isn't so much "Brett Favreing" the Yankees as it is "Roger Clemensing" the Yankees.  Favre liked to waffle openly in the media, spending as much time in front of the cameras and microphones as he could talking about how he wasn't sure if his heart is in it and blah, blah, blah, and then making his decision to come back at the end of training camp. 

Andy hasn't been very vocal about where his heart lies and what he thinks he wants to do.  And while he may be working out now, it's almost certainly not at the level that would have him ready to start the season.  He's doing just enough to stay in shape so that if and when the time comes that he decides he wants to play, he just has to go at it hard for a little while to build up his stamina, make a few warm up starts in the Minors, and then join the rotation in the summer.

Yes sir, that's a classic Roger Clemens situation right there.