Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Sunday Food For Thought: All Or Nothing

- Robinson Cano in the last 6 games: 12-23, 3 XBH, 3 R, 4 RBI

- Swish in his last 6: 7-22, 3 XBH, 5 R, 7 RBI

- A-Rod in his last 6: 2-19, 1 R, 0 RBI, 4 K

- Granderson in his last 6: 3-23, 3 XBH, 4 RBI, 7 RBI

This is why Mark Teixeira, who has played just 2 instructional league games and is almost assuredly not at 100% despite Joe saying he's done everything they wanted him to do, is being rushed back on Monday.  The middle of the order has been literally all or nothing, and A-Rod and C-Grand are leading the RISP Fail and LOB charge.  The Yankees can't score runs against shitty pitching and can't win games against shitty teams when they need to the most.  They have no choice, Teix has no choice.  I can't believe it's come to this.

Game 158 Wrap-Up: TOR 3 NYY 2

I really don't think I can write a normal, detailed recap of this game without getting really upset, and really upset is no way to start a race day on Sunday so I'm just going to hit the key bullet points.

Game Notes:

- The Yankees put Ricky Romero on the ropes early, loading the bases without nobody out, but managed to just plate just 2 runs on 2 outs by Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson to take a 2-0 lead.

- Andy Pettitte gave up a solo homer in the bottom of the 1st, and a 2-out RBI single in the 5th on an infield hit that probably would have been a foul ball if A-Rod wouldn't have fielded it.

- He put runners on the corners in the 6th before leaving, and watched the game-losing run score when Joba Chamberlain gave up a double on his third pitch.

- The offense did nothing for the rest of the game despite getting 6 more hits, drawing 3 more walks, and getting 2 free baserunners on Toronto errors.

- Joe was in on the action too, giving up the DH late in the game by pulling Eduardo Nunez, and using Cody Eppley and Boone Logan in the 8th inning instead of D-Rob.  Truly bizarro world shit.

- The Orioles beat the Fraud Sawx 4-3, so here once again the division is tied at the top with 4 games to go.