Friday, February 4, 2011

Wallace Matthews Should Probably Stop Talking

Another day, another disgrace of a column from ESPNNY's comedy duo of Andrew Marchand and Wallace Matthews.  This time, it's Matthews grabbing the spotlight as he tries to turn Andy Pettitte's retirement into the end of the world for the 2011 Yankee season, all the while ignoring facts and basic logic and making counterpoints against his own points that he thinks he's trying to make so that the rest of us in the Yankee blogosphere don't have to.  But I will anyway.  Let's FJM, shall we?

"Four months ago, Andy Pettitte walked out of the visitors clubhouse in Arlington, Texas, after letting everyone know he probably wouldn't be back.
Now, we are 10 days away from pitchers and catchers and he still hasn't been replaced.
That is the real story today, not that Pettitte will hold a news conference on Friday morning to make official what everyone around the Yankees should have accepted back on Oct. 22."

No, Wally.  That story has been beaten into the ground for a few weeks now.  You're just late to the party and have nothing to write about today.  Today the story was Pettitte officially announcing his retirement and all of us getting a chance to reflect on his wonderful career.

"It may seem as if the winter got a little colder and the upcoming baseball season a little bleaker for Yankees fans with the confirmation that Pettitte will, indeed, announce his retirement... "

Did the children get a little older too, Stevie Nicks?  Jesus Christ with the melodrama!  Have you looked at the Yankee roster right now?  It's still one of the best in baseball without Pettitte.  Having him for 2011 would have been the difference between Top 5 and World Series front runner, not World Series winners and Double-A Trenton.

"... but really, nothing has changed."

And right here is where this article should have just stopped.  Matthews suggests that doom and gloom has swept through Yankeeland because Andy is gone, but then states that nothing has changed.  Good for you, Wally.  It's good to know you aren't planning on jumping off a bridge with Bill Madden.

AB4AR Linkapalooza: Andy Pettitte Retirement Addition

In honor of one the 5 greatest Yankee pitchers of all time, AB4AR presents these links from around the Yankosphere on his retirement.

- Phil Coffin from the NYT Baseball Blog has a collection of quotes from past and present teammates, players, and coaches.

- Jason at IIATMS put together Andy's Greatest Postseason Hits.

- Minor Matters takes a look at what Andy's retirement might mean for the Yankee pitching prospects.

- SJK at NoMaas uses another one of their classic Photoshops to reflect on Andy's career.

- Jay Jaffe at Pinstriped Bible puts together a nice reflective piece.

- Donnie Collins at the SWB blog examines where Andy's numbers put him in Yankee and baseball history.

- William at The Captain's Blog discusses Pettitte's HGH admission and how it should not be a stain on his great career.

- Matt Warden at Yankeeist with another beautifully-written piece on Pettitte's career.

- Larry Koestler, also of Yankeeist, talks about where Andy's retirement leaves the 2011 rotation.

- Mike Axisa at RAB put together a fantastic photo collection tracing Andy's entire Yankee career.  A couple of really good shots in there.  Definitely don't NOT check this out.

- And last but not least, and even though it really wasn't that long ago, Steve S. at TYU goes back and revisits Andy's final game in pinstripes.

It's been a great career for Andy, and obviously we're all going to miss him.  I'll take one more opportunity to thank him for all he's done for the Yankee organization and wish him well in his retirement.  My only regret is that I won't be able to watch the press conference today.

The final image of Andy's final play as a Yankee: