Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas Eve Day News And Notes

Hopefully everybody has all their shopping and wrapping and what not taken care of now.  I had to run out and grab a few last-minute things (mostly beer) this morning.  Obviously there's not a lot going on in Yankeeland or baseball in general around the holidays, but there are a few noteworthy happenings you might have missed.

- The Cubs claimed Brett Marshall off waivers yesterday, so the Yankees' plan to sneak him through and back onto the Triple-A roster failed.  As I mentioned last week, Marshall became expendable after a poor 2013 and because of the returning Triple-A rotation depth. It's a bummer to lose him, but only a small one.

- Via Matt Eddy of Baseball America, the Yanks re-signed righty reliever Matt Daley to a MiL deal.  He pitched well in a few September outings and could be a part of the bullpen mix next season if injuries strike.

- Not surprisingly, the Yanks are interested in Grant Balfour for their bullpen now that his deal with the O's is off and his value is presumably down.  He'd be a helpful piece, but I'd still rather D-Rob be the closer than him.