Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Texting With Teix And Andy

Teix: "Hey man, wuts up?"

Andy: "n2m, u?"

Teix: "Same.  Just hangin out.  how was ur xmas?"

Andy: "real good.  got the kids the new xbox kinect.  we've been playin w that a lot."

Teix: "haha nice!  i gotta wait til mine are a lil older.  wut else u been up to?"

Andy: "Nm.  Been spending time w the fam.  hangin out w the kids.  it's been nice."

Teix: "Cool, cool.  How's the back feeling?"

Andy: "Pretty good.  It's gotten a lot better w all the rest but I can still feel it sumtimes when i'm playing w the kids.  Gettin old, u kno, lol!"

Teix: "Haha, yea.  I hear that.  My hammy is almost all the way back to 100%"

Andy: "That's good, man."

Teix: "Yea.  So u talk to Mo or Jeet or Cash or anybody lately?"

Andy: "Yea, kinda.  Mo's been talking to be a little bit about next year and Cash has called me a couple times and sent me this big fake blank check, like they give out at golf tournaments."

Teix: "OMFG HAHAHAHA!!  That is hilarious.  Guess he's been a little broken up about the whole Cliff Lee thing."

Andy: "Yea, i guess so too."

Teix: "So u thinkin about coming back for 1 more year or..."

Andy: "idk, man.  not sure if my body will hold up for another season and its taken me 4ever to get healthy after last season."

Teix: "I understand, believe me.  But u kno we got Serg in the rotation right now lol!"

Andy: "Haha yea!  I read that.  Not exactly the same as Lee right?"

Teix: "No shit.  and we could really use u back this year.  The guys are all askin about u."

Andy: "Yea?  Well it would be good to see some of the guys again."

Teix: "So... u in?"

Andy: "Idk man.  I still gotta think about it.  i'll let u kno tho.  gotta run now.  takin the kids to the movies.  ttyl."

Teix: "K.  later, man."