Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tim Beckham Feels The Power

(Photo courtesy of The AP)

Can you feel it, Tim Beckham?  Can you FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL it???  Can you feel the POWAH of The Jesus?!?!  Can you feel the GLORAY of The Jesus?!?!

Can you, Tim Beckham, feel the powerful glory of The Jesus flowing through your humanly veins as he tags your candyass OUT at home plate?!!  Can you?!?!?!  CAN YOU, TIM BECKHAM?!?!?!?!


Good.  Then go sit your ass on the bench where you belong.  And never cross The Almighty again, lest thee wish to feel his wrath another time.

The Catching Clouds Are Parting...

... And The Jesus could be poking his majestic face through them soon, bringing with him abundant sunshine to be shined upon all the commoners.

Russell Martin will finally catch for the first time tomorrow, but he'll be wearing a protective knee brace as a security blanket for his still-not-100% knee.  Nobody knows what's up with Cervelli's foot after his MRI yesterday.  Jorge Posada seems to be moving on from behind the plate, focusing his energies full time to being a DH.  There are questions abound regarding the current Yankee catcher depth chart, and yet one name remains a constant, healthy presence and a possible option to answer these questions.

He hasn't lit the world on fire so far in ST, but The Jesus has held his own at the plate, worked hard and received praise for his defensive workouts, gotten advice from Joe Mauer, and even threw out 2 baserunners in his last game behind the plate.  Say what you want about his size, his receiving ability, or his throwing mechanics, the fact of the matter is Jesus is the only healthy catcher in camp right now who could play every day behind the plate if he had to, and that fact alone has to increase his chances of sneaking in and making the 25-man roster.

Just like last ST, otherworldly forces seem to be acting to get Montero onto the team.  It must be nice to be the son of God.

(Cue the angelic horns.  Release the doves.)

A.J. Burnett Is The Greatest Pitcher Of All Time!!

Well, not really.  But he did look sharp yesterday, and that's an encouraging sign for him, his coaches, his teammates, Cash, and Yankee fans.

21 pitches, 15 strikes, good fastball command, threw a few good breaking balls, worked out of trouble after back-to-back singles without allowing a run, didn't hit anybody with a pitch, and managed to not come out of the game with a black eye.  For a first ST start I don't think anybody could have asked for more than that.

He's still got a long way to go to build a bridge of consistency and make everybody forget about the 2010 nightmare, but yesterday was a good start.  Baby steps, baby steps.

(Hey look!  It's Good A.J.)