Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yanks Win More Awards

Last night, Major League Baseball had its own awards, the Greatness in Baseball Yearly Awards or GIBBYs.  Unlike many of the other major awards given out each year in baseball, the Yankees weren't shafted in the voting for the GIBBYs.  In fact, they cleaned up last night, taking home 3 awards.

- Dave Robertson: Setup Man of the Year.  Well earned when you check his stat line at FanGraphs.

- Robinson Cano: Wow Factor.  Don't really know what that award means, but I know I say "wow" a lot when I'm watching Cano hit and field.  So this makes sense.

- Moment of the Year: Derek Jeter.  When you're one of the game's most popular players and have been for over 10 years now, and you go 5-5 on the day that you get your 3,000th hit including a home run for that 3,000th and the game-winning RBI on your fifth hit, you're probably going to win Moment of the Year.  That's some hardcore Disney shit and I still can't believe it happened.

So there you go.  The sting of the ridiculous voting in the MVP and Cy Young awards earlier has been eased a little.  And the Yankees can carry the pride that comes with winning 3 prestigious GIBBY Awards in one season into Spring Training.