Friday, June 17, 2011

Yanks Somehow Lost To Doug Davis

I can't believe it either.  Doug Davis sucks.  Ask any Brewers fan out here by me and they'll tell you the same.

I'll chalk today's performance up to the situation.  Day game after an extra inning game in another time zone (I know, I know.  It's just one hour difference) is certainly a little different than the usual player routine.  There better be a little more life in those bats tomorrow.

Friday Day Game Linkapalooza

Here's some stuff to take up your time at work before the game starts:

- SG at RLYW examines the last 3 years of AL offense and adjusts the Yankees' 2011 output accordingly.  Maybe it's polishing a turd, but the numbers don't lie.  And they look better adjusted.

- Larry Koestler of TYA goes back to the ZIPs projections for 2011 and checks how the Yankees have been stacking up so far.  Things look good moving forward.

- Bronx Goblin proposes an alternative surgery option for Joba.  Who knows?  It could work.

- Lucas at Don't Bring In The Lefty makes some quick observations about the "new" Ramiro Pena.

- Mike Axisa of RAB continues to search through the scrap heap in the never-ending hunt for lefty bullpen help and uncovers the recently DFA'd J.C. Romero.  Hopefully Boone Logan reads that post and decides to start pitching well.

- Vizzini at NoMaas makes another desperate plea to Joe to stop platooning Brett Gardner against lefties.  .350 OBP against LHP shouldn't be that tough of a sell.  Wake up, Joe!

- And a nice little jab at Fraud Sawx Nation and a shout out to my original home state to cap things off.  The yearly Quinnipiac poll results are in and the Yankee fans have it over Bahhston, 43%-38%.  So suck it, Sawx fans.  Suck it long and suck it good.  At least something good comes out of CT.

For those who are able to watch this afternoon's game, enjoy.  For those like me who are stuck at work and can't, at least we can suffer together.