Saturday, April 23, 2011


You want the laundry list of awesomeness from tonight's game?  OK.

- 14 hits and 5 walks tonight from the Yankee offense.

- Every starter except Nick Swisher had at least 1 hit.  And even Swisher still managed a walk and a run scored.

- 5 players with 2+ runs scored, 4 players with 2+ hits, and 3 players with 2+ RBI.

- Another HR from Jorge.  He ain't hitting much, but he's hitting everything in the air and over the fence.

- 2 more HR, 3 runs scored, and 4 RBI for Russell Martin.  When do the damn ASG ballots come out?

- 8 lockdown innings from CC in a completely dominant performance.  He had everything working tonight except for the 1 bad pitch to Adam Jones in the 7th.  If the game wasn't so far out of reach in the 9th, he would have been out to finish it.  That's how low his pitch count was, that's how good he was tonight.

- 2 XBH (1 2B, 1 HR) and 6 RBI from the Horse in another vintage Horse-like performance.  He hasn't missed a beat since coming back from his few days off.

Even Brett Gardner managed a 2-run homer.  When that's happening, you know it's a good night for the Yankees.  I just feel bad for whoever starts for Baltimore tomorrow, because the Yankee offense was straight up murderous tonight.  Big thanks to Buddy Carlyle for wandering onto the mound and getting the last 3 outs.  I'm assuming he won some sort of fan contest or something to get on the mound.