Friday, June 3, 2011

How's That Trade Looking Now?

Austin Jackson 2011: 236 PA, .224/.288/.333, 15 XBH, 23 R, 14 RBI

Curtis Granderson 2011: 235 PA .278/.348/.612, 31 XBH, 44 R, 41 RBI

Jackson '11: 74 wRC+, .283 wOBA, -5.5 UZR/150, -0.1 WAR

Grandy '11: 165 wRC+, .415 wOBA, 1.2 UZR/150, 2.9 WAR

Anybody still bumming over trading Austin Jackson for C-Grand?  Anybody?  Frye?

Didn't think so.

The Grandy Man can indeed.

Nova Pitching For His Job Tonight?

Joe can say whatever he wants, ...

"I wouldn’t say he’s pitching for a slot… He’s had some ups and downs. I think (his youth is) part of it. I think there’s been some inconsistency. I think he’s walked more people than he’s accustomed to walking. But I think it is all part of a learning process for him and trying to get him back to using all of his pitches.” (via LoHud)

But Cash clearly thinks the rotation isn't good enough ...

“We are a championship-caliber-contending team with areas of need that I need to work on. We are going to have to continue to look for ways to improve our pitching.” (via The Post)

And the truth of the matter is that Ivan Nova has not been very good lately.  2 weeks ago he was coming off a streak of 4 solid starts out of 5, but after his last 2 outings he has looked tentative, inconsistent, and has not been able to give the Yankees length or quality stuff.  He's got a K/9 rate of just 4.50 and a BB/9 rate of 4.00 to go with it and just a 3.9% swing-and-miss percentage.  If there's a spot on the staff that could use improvement, it's his.

I like ya, Ivan.  But when you actually are pitching like Ivan The Terrible and your manager is making excuses for you while your GM publicly states that he's looking to improve the pitching, that don't add up well for you.