Friday, January 29, 2010

Yankees Opening Day Roster Taking Shape

With the Randy Winn signing official, the Yankees' 25-man roster is pretty much set. Now I know we're still a few weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting and even further away from Spring Training officially starting, but barring any major injuries or insane performances by a borderline guy, expect the opening day roster to look something like this:

Starting Lineup:
1) Derek Jeter
2) Nick Johnson
3) Mark Teixeira
4) Alex Rodriguez
5) Jorge Posada
6) Robinson Cano
7) Curtis Granderson
8) Nick Swisher
9) Brett Gardner

Starting Rotation:
1) CC Sabathia
2) A.J. Burnett
3) Andy Pettitte
4) Javier Vazquez
5) Phil Hughes

-Francisco Cervelli
-Randy Winn
-Ramiro Pena
-Juan Miranda

-Mariano Rivera
-Joba Chamberlain
-Damaso Marte
-David Robertson
-Alfredo Aceves
-Chad Gaudin
-Boone Logan

Now the bench still looks a bit thin, but with a rotation and bullpen like that, and one of the best starting lineups in the game, there's still more than enough on that roster to get the job done.