Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Complete 2012-2013 AB4AR Top 30

(Courtesy of Wade Spees/

Well it's been fun, but this post will mark the official end of AB4AR Prospect Week for 2013.  Now I have to come up with some ideas for what to write about next week, so for a simple, straightforward, clean ending to this week, here's the entire Top 30 list in order, with links to each of the individual write-ups in case you wanted to go back and pick out all the dumb things I said for later in the season.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012-2013 AB4AR Top 30:

More Jim Callis Commentary On The Yankee MiL System

A little over a week ago, Jim Callis of Baseball America released his personal top 10 list of best MiL systems in baseball, with the Yankees just missing the cut and coming in 11th place.  It was confirmed at that time that Callis' 3 fellow BA rankers also had the Yankees 11th, painting a pretty encouraging picture, to me at least, about the state of the Yankee system after a very uneven 2012.  Recently, Chad Jennings of LoHud caught up with Callis and spoke to him in greater detail about his thoughts on the Yankee system, where he felt their strengths and weaknesses were, and what their next step should be.  Some quotes from Callis and my personal takes on what he had to say after the jump.