Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All Quiet On The Cashman Front

Bay has been signed; Holliday has been signed.

Not a peep about where the Johnny Damon negotiations stand.

Even less of a peep about whether or not the Yanks are committed to Brett Gardner as the everyday left- or centerfielder next year.

Hinske heading to Atlanta, Hairston still in free agent purgatory, and the bench still looking quite bare as a result.

What is Cash up to? Better yet, is he still alive? Dude must have had one hell of a great Christmas/New Year's holiday because it's not like the Yankees to lay this low for this long in the offseason.

What's the next move, Cash? What's it going to be? And when are we going to find out? The suspense of not knowing who the leftfielder is for next season is giving me blue balls.