Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Any Chance Of Overworking Hiroki?

As I was enjoying the latest pitching gem from Hiroki Kuroda's 2012 Greatest Hits on Sunday night, something the ESPN broadcast team commented on piqued my interest, and not in the normal way where I immediately run to the computer to bash them for their idiocy. In their praise of Kuroda, they made multiple references to his age (37) while discussing the durability he's shown in his career and rattling off the more noteworthy numbers speaking to both his durability and dominance this season. Francona and Hershiser then went on to discuss the option of resting Kuroda down the stretch to keep him and his 37-year-old body as fresh as possible for the postseason. That got me thinking, with the load he's had to shoulder already this season, and the injuries that have befallen the other 30-and-over Yankees' starters, is there any chance of Kuroda being overworked and being at risk of some drop-off in the playoffs?

Game 122 Wrap-Up: CHW 9 NYY 6

(High fives all around for this guy.  Courtesy of The AP)

- Derek Jeter was a boss again (4-5, 1 2B, 1 HR, 2 R, 1 RBI) and carried the offense.

- Mark Teixeira rejoined the lineup and had a couple hits and a couple ribbies.

- Freddy Garcia shat the bed hard in the 5th inning after a really good first 4.

- The bullpen got their collective heads kicked in in the later innings.

- I got really shitfaced at the Brewers-Cubs game last night and didn't wake up early enough to recap and write about the game.