Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday "Best In The Biz" Linkapalooza

As is inconsistent tradition on Friday afternoons, it's time again for another batch of links to get you through the rest of your work week.  Today we're just taking a hot lap around the Yankosphere and seeing what the best in the industry have to offer.

- It's been out there for a few days already, but if you haven't checked it out, Sensei John Kreese of NoMaas talked to Sr. VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman about the new CBA and how it affects the Yankees.  Must read, it's as simple as that.

- William of The Captain's Blog examined Bernie Williams' HOF candidacy, both in the context of comparing him to other CFers and comparing him to his steroid-tainted peers from his era.  As a Yankee fan, I'd love to see Bernie get in, but I don't see how it happens.

- Also on the topic of 'roids, Brien of IIATMS explains his rationale for not considering PED use when he looks at HOF candidates.  If only all the voters felt the same way.

- Brandon C. of Pinstripe Alley discusses Jorge Posada, who has yet to officially retire or be signed by another club, and how he could potentially damage his Yankee legacy if he decides to play in 2012.  For me, it was permanently damaged after he took himself out of the lineup against the Fraud Sawx.

- Larry Koestler at RAB takes a graphical look at just how good the Yankee starting pitching was in 2011, and makes a couple of other good observations.

- Lastly, if you haven't been checking out the "Trade Match" Series that my colleague at TYA Steve S. has been doing, you're doing yourself an incredible disservice.  He talks about Chad Billingsley here, Matt Cain here, and if you go back further you can find a few more.  Definitely fun to read if you're looking to start up some interesting trade talks in the comments section.

Still Quiet On The Hot Stove Front

The Winter Meetings are right around the corner and it's looking like we're going to be in for another week of twiddling our thumbs and writing about how the Yanks could swing a 3-way trade to get Wandy Rodriguez and Ryan Braun without giving up Montero or ManBan.

Cash is going beyond just preaching patience this year.  He's flat out said he doesn't expect to get anything done.  It sounds like most trade talks he's had with other clubs are stalled because the asking price is too high, so it's probably for the best that he doesn't get too deep into those.  And truth be told, I'm OK with the Yankees standing pat on the trade front.  The only guys who really intrigue me are Danks and Matt Garza, and I don't see Ken Williams letting himself get swindled again like he did for Swish or Theo making a straight salary dump for Garza and trading him to his former rival for peanuts.

The lone bit of news on the free agent side is also a lot of nothing.  After their first face-to-face with C.J. Wilson's agent, the report from Marc Carig is that the Yankees haven't been rushing to set up a second meeting, which suggests a lack of interest from the Yankees' side.  Again, I'm alright with this play if the Yanks truly aren't interested in Wilson.  He's going to be the most expensive guy to sign in terms of years and money and the $100 million figure has already been thrown out there.  Thanks, but no thanks, dude.

It's boring and it's slow, but when you already have pretty much your entire roster intact and not a lot of holes to fill like the Yankees do, that's alright.