Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yankees Situation Reaches Threat Level Blue

We can now officially call this the first rough patch of the season for the Yankees.  The alert level has been raised to code blue, and here's why (as if you needed an explanation):

- The rotation is starting to come back to Earth, especially with Bad A.J. looking like he's ready to settle in for the rest of the month.

- The lineup is in complete shambles due to injuries (C-Grand, Johnson, and now Posada out for a month with a broken foot) and ineffectiveness (Jeter slumping, bottom of the order that includes Cervelli 6th, Thames 7th, Winn 8th, and Pena 9th).  Jorge's injury is an absolute killer, far more than losing Johnson.  His bat and his leadership are going to be greatly missed and it's up to the other veterans still in the lineup to step their game up in his absence.

- The bullpen continues to be a mess both with how it is handled by Joe and how the guys coming out of it perform once they're called upon.  How Boone Logan is still on the 25-man roster is beyond me.

The only saving grace is that the Yanks are still 25-15 and can afford to try to ride this out before even thinking of hitting the panic button.  Andy The Stopper is on the mound tonight and if they can salvage a split against Tampa they can look to build a little momentum against the team formerly known as the New York Mets this weekend.

Interleague play couldn't come at a better time if you're a Yankee fan right now. 

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