Thursday, February 10, 2011

Francisco Liriano, Anybody?

After getting $4.3 mil in arbitration, it seems like Francisco Liriano could become available, at least according to The Star Tribune.

Where do I sign up for the list to support going after Liriano if this really is a possibility?  The dude is 27, is fully recovered from TJ surgery, has great stuff, and would play up to his skills being a lefty pitching in Yankee Stadium.  With all the other unattractive options that the Yankees have already dabbled in and even partaken in, this much more attractive one is certainly worth Cash picking up the phone to inquire about.

The big questions is, what kind of package do the Yankees have to put together?  The Twins balked at the Yanks' proposed offer for Johan a few years ago and then traded him to the Mets for a package that was less enticing than the Yankee offer, which could work for or against them here.  But what would you do?  Would you give up Jesus (I wouldn't)?  Would you include ManBan (I wouldn't if I could make the deal with him)?

This is barely even a rumor right now, but it will be interesting to see what happens if this does start to grow legs over the next couple weeks.  Adding a young pitcher of Liriano's pedigree, and a lefty at that, would more than make up for the loss of Andy Pettitte.