Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thoughts On Day 2 Of The Draft

Now that we're deep into Day 3 of the MLB Draft, it's probably a good time to look back on Day 2.  As a guy who's admittedly not even remotely intelligent about the MLB draft, I've made more of an effort to follow the goings on over the past few days to try to learn some more about the guys the Yankees have taken and how they might fit into the team's future plans.  Ty Hensley was a strong 1st-round pick on Monday, and it appears that the Yankees had another strong day yesterday.  Here's my quick take after the jump.

Game 54 Wrap-Up: NYY 7 TB 0

Andy Pettitte is the best starting pitcher on the Yankees right now.  I know the Rays offense blows, but the guy just mowed them down like they didn't even exist yesterday.  Why did he retire again?

Game Notes:

- Pettitte didn't allow an XBH last night.

- He threw first-pitch strikes to 17 of the 25 batters he faced in 7.1 innings of work.

- He threw 70 total strikes out of 103 total pitches.

- 17 of those 70 strikes were swinging strikes (24.3%).

- 9 of his 10 strikeouts were swinging.

- His Game Score of 82 matched the season high for a Yankee starter that he set last month in his 8-inning gem against the Reds.

- Andy Pettitte is fucking awesome.