Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well At Least Javy Knows He Sucks

“I thought today was an important day for me personally, but it didn’t go well."

“If I would have thrown the ball better, that would have helped my case. That’s not the case tonight. I just got hit. I had nothing. I didn’t feel like my pitches were sharp at all today. They just hit me good.”

You know what?  I'm going to give you a little credit there, Javy.  You didn't make any excuses, you just called it like it was.  You went out there, you sucked, and you knew it.  The bad news is you cost the team a chance to re-take the division lead.  The good news is you've thrown your last pitch as a New York Yankee and we will never have to watch you disgrace the Yankee uniform on the mound ever again.

So thanks for playing.  Now get the fuck out.