Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cano, So Hot Right Now. Cano

Robinson Cano's batting line on 9/24: .293/.362/.519

Robinson Cano since 9/24: 18-29, 7 2B, 1 HR, 8 R, 8 RBI

Robinson Cano's batting line on 10/2: .308/.375/.540

I don't know what being more than locked in is, but Cano is it right now.  He schlepped through most of September, but he's picked it back up at the perfect time.  If this carries into the postseason, watch out.

Mugatu approves.

ManBan Scheduled For TJS, My Genius Is Confirmed

I knew it was coming.  I knew it was coming from the moment he first got shelved with his elbow injury, and I've said as much over the past 5 months:

- June 14th: "Maybe I've just watched "Conspiracy Theory" one too many times on TNT, but 7-8 weeks seems like an awfully long time to be on the shelf with just a tired arm."

- July 12th: "I hate to be a Debbie Downer here, but the Yankees might as well just pencil ManBan and Campos in for Tommy John Surgery right now."

- August 6th: "2012 was already a lost season for Banuelos before this latest setback. Now my concern is that 2013 could be the same if the Yankees continue down this path of trying to get him to pitch this season instead of doing something to address his continued elbow problems." 

And today it all came full circle as Josh Norris reported that Manny Banuelos will go under the knife for Tommy John on Thursday, putting a really shitty finishing touch on his 2012 season and effectively ending his 2013.

Phelps Getting The Ball Instead Of Nova, And What It Means For Both Of Them

(Tough way to go out for Ivan, but the right move.  Courtesy of the AP)

The biggest non-Mark Teixeira piece of news to come out of Yankeeland yesterday was Joe's pregame announcement that it would be David Phelps, and not Ivan Nova, who would be taking the ball for tonight's game.  At the time, this game was still a potential must-win for the Yankees to keep pace in the AL East race, a situation that has changed after the Yankees won and the Orioles lost last night.  With the way Nova has pitched in his last 2 starts and for almost the entire season, there was no way he could be allowed to take the ball in a game that important, and even though the critical nature of tonight's game has been slightly lessened, it's still a game that has a lot riding on it.  Phelps is a better option than Nova right now, that much is certain.  But looking longer term, what does this decision say about both guys moving forward?

Game 160 Wrap-Up: NYY 10 BOS 2

(Home runs = Happy.  Courtesy of the AP)

Normally, a Yanks-Sawx season-ending series at The Stadium with playoff implications tied to it would be enough to have me bringing an extra pair of undies to the office and making sure I spent the majority of my day sitting down, if you catch my drift.  This season, not so much.  The Sawx are a dead stick just coasting to the finish line of their disastrous season, and the Yankees are seemingly having to scratch and claw for every little thing they get while the Orioles just keep doing that impossible-to-statistically-explain voodoo that they do.  The Yanks had CC Sabathia on the hill for the opener last night, which gave them the clear advantage, and they expanded that advantage quickly by rocking Bahhston starter Clay Buchholz.

Game Notes:

- Buchholz threw a 1-2-3 1st inning, and that was where his effectiveness ended.  Robinson Cano led off the 2nd with a home run, Curtis Granderson hit a 2-run shot 2 batters later, and Russell Martin went back-to-back (and belly-to-belly) to make it 4-0.

- But it didn't stop there.  Buchholz walked a few guys, Ichiro singled the bases loaded, and Cano came up again and doubled home 2 runs to end Clay's night.  And Marky Mark Teixeira, in his second AB back from injury, welcomed Alfredo Aceves to the game with a 2-run shot to make it a 9-0 Yankee lead.

- When it was all said and done, the Yankees tied a franchise record by hitting 4 HR in one inning.  It was the third time in team history that they've done that.  Making history is always cool.

- Sabathia's job became easier when he saw Bobby V's lineup, and even easier after the offense handed him a 9-0 lead.  Sabathia pitched appropriately, going heavy on the fastball-slider and pounding the strike zone.

- CC did give up a few runs, one of a solo HR by Daniel Nava in the 4th and another on a walk, wild pitch, and sac fly in the 7th, but he was in full control all night.  He finished with 7 strikeouts, 6 on the slider, which continues to be a money pitch for him.

- I was getting ready to complain about the offense going dormant after the 9-run barrage, but they did put another run on the board late and it came via Melky Mesa.  In his first career AB he singled home Eduardo Nunez on a groundball back up the box.  Good for him.

- In what was likely his final appearance of the 2012 season, and possibly final appearance as a Yankee, Freddy Garcia pitched a scoreless 9th.