Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's A Golden Infield

And the winners are...

Robbie Cano (of course), Mark Teixeira (naturally), and Derek Jeter!!

Wait, what?

Yeah, you heard right, folks.  Somehow Derek Jeter won his 5th Gold Glove award today in a year where he posted negative defensive numbers across the board.  Shit, you didn't even have to look at the numbers.  Just watch a game or 2 and it would have been painfully obvious to everybody who isn't John Sterling and Joe Morgan that The Captain was not a Gold Glove defender this season.  I'm a Yankee fan and one of the biggest homers around and even I think that Jeter winning the award is a joke.

Oh well.  We'll take it.  God bless the mainstream baseball media.

The Best Offseason News So Far

It isn't Yankee news, but it's certainly news that every baseball fan will enjoy.

"Jon Miller and Joe Morgan's 21-year run on ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" is over.

Morgan's contract is expiring and he will not be renewed. Miller's contract is also expiring though he may remain at ESPN working the "Sunday Night Baseball" series and postseason baseball for ESPN Radio.

"Jon and Joe have contributed greatly to the success of 'Sunday Night Baseball' for the past 21 seasons," ESPN executive vice president Norby Williamson said in a statement Monday. "Over the last two decades, Joe went from Hall of Fame player to one of his sport's top analysts and Jon's Hall of Fame voice and tremendous knowledge of the game have connected with baseball fans everywhere. We owe them our deepest thanks for an outstanding body of work." (via ESPN.com)

In actuality, Miller is a rambling boozebag who flip flops between making over-exaggerated calls of insignificant plays and then downplaying big game-changing moments, and Morgan is a self-righteous asshole who has used his position on 'Sunday Night Baseball' to do nothing more than reference his own accomplishments and playing career and downplay the improvement in today's players and statistics.  Both are sadly behind in the times when it comes to baseball and should have been out a long time ago.  But nice try on the praise, ESPN.  Next time take it easy on the literary blowjobs.

P.S.- Whoever ESPN decides to replace these clowns with, Orel Hershiser better be at the top of the list.