Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Guess The Bullpen Was OK Last Night

BAM!!  Who needs the 35 Million Dollar Manbitch when you've got The Fireman and The Starting Pitcher Formerly Known as Joba on the case.  Dudes were straight up lights out last night and have been looking better each time they're on the mound.  D-Rob continues to shine as the clean up guy in messy situations (18 Ks in 13.1 IP) and Joba is quietly rounding into a form similar to what we saw when he first came up (17 Ks in 18 IP, 3.18 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, hit 98 on the gun last night).

These 2 are holding up their end of the bargain right now, and Mo is back to being Mo after his usual early-season hiccup.  If Soriano gets it together and Boone Logan can establish some consistency in actually getting lefties out, the Nasty Boys comparison could be selling this group too low.

Sorry, don't have a Joba Photoshop yet.  Gonna have to get Duckson working on that.