Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little History In Your Eye

Ho-hum.  No big deal.  Nothing to see here today.

Nothing like a little Major League Baseball history.  First team EVER to hit 3 grand slams in a game, first time in Yankee history they've ever hit 2 in a game at The Stadium, and an MLB season-high 22 runs scored.  History across the board.

Kinda makes me feel like a schmuck for not being more productive today at work.  Oh well.  I'll get over it.  Go Yankees!!

P.S.- 20 bucks says this game still gets buried on SportsCenter behind MNF, the LLWS, an NBA lockout update, and a live "look in" at the Fraud Sawx game.

Damn, Sour Puss

(At least he had a reason to look this bummed last night.  Courtesy of The AP)

Come on, man!  I was just starting to not hate your guts and then you had to go out and shit the bed in extras last night?  Not cool, Raffy.  Not cool at all.

I suppose I can't lay all the blame on you.  It's not your fault Joe decided not to use you at all for a week.  But still.  Damn, dude.