Thursday, November 1, 2012

Musing On Dan Haren

(Might have to trim that hair, guy.  Courtesy of Getty Images)

While we're on the topic of current/former Angels who may be a good fit for the Yankees, let's talk about Dan Haren.  The Angels made some waves yesterday announcing that they were "interested" in trading both Ervin Santana and Haren, 2 members of their rotation with expensive 2013 contract options who both experienced some serious decline in their performance in 2012.  Santana has already been shipped to Kansas City in a deal, which is just fine with me because he absolutely sucks, but Haren is a much more interesting case.  And the more I've let the idea of Haren in pinstripes simmer in my head for the last day or so, the more I think the Yankees pursuing a trade for him makes sense.

Yanks Have Interest In Torii Hunter And So Do I

(Courtesy of Getty Images)

It was nothing more than a basic report from the infamous unnamed source that the Yankees are interested in free agent to be Torii Hunter, but when it's coming from Mark Feinsand you can put a little extra faith in it.  The Yanks don't appear to be wasting any time in seeking out a replacement for Nick Swisher in right field, and if they aren't going to get seriously involved in any kind of trade discussion for Justin Upton, Hunter would be an ideal 1-year stopgap signing.  Even at age 37, turning 38 next summer, Hunter brings a lot of things to the table that the Yankees need and a lot that meshes well with their team makeup and organizational culture.