Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yoenis Cespedes: The Sequel

You knew he wasn't just going to leave us hanging out there without hitting us with a sequel.  A new Yoenis Cespedes video has hit the internet, and it's a collection of highlights from his pro day workout.  No weirdass ab exercises in this one; definitely more geared towards actual baseball skills, even if most of the video showed him getting ready to do those baseball skills rather than actually doing them.

If you were paying attention, you probably noticed Tony Pena and Billy Eppler around the 4:15-4:16 mark, confirming that the Yankees have been among the teams who have scouted Cespedes the most.  I'm still not sold on him being a game-changing prospect based off of this video, but I will say that Cespedes has some skills and the dude is definitely a monster athlete.  Jay Bilas would be creaming his jeans if Cespedes was a basketball prospect and not a baseball one.