Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Everybody Wants To Be A Yankee

Motherfuckers just can't wait to wear the pinstripes, huh?

On the same day that Roy Halladay announced he wants a deal done before Spring Training or he's staying put, Joe Mauer comes in and one-ups Doc by declaring that he didn't actually demand the Twins get a deal done before Opening Day or he would test free agency after the season, which of course means he did demand that.

Both these guys and their agents can say whatever they want, but the fact is if you really were OK with your situations, you would keep your mouths shut.  Nobody says anything about wanting deals done or not done or waving no-trade clauses before they need to be done or waved unless they want to be somewhere else.  If they're really happy where they are and want to stay, they just shut the fuck up and negotiate with their team when the time comes.  And when you say you want to be traded to a contender or are willing to test free agency, that's just baseball code speak for "I can't wait for the Yankees to get involved in the bidding so I can win a fucking championship."

 Now Halladay I could give a crap about, although penciling him in as the number 2 behind CC all but guarantees 120 wins and title 28 next season, but Mauer is a different story.

He's going to be balls deep in the prime of his career after the 2010 season and at that point the Yankees should be pretty much putting a gun to Jorge's head and forcing him to finish his career as a DH.  With Francisco Cervelli still unproven as a full-time Major League catcher and Jesus Montero reportedly being a worse cdefensive atcher than Posada, you can't argue with the logic of adding the best player at his position to what will still be the best lineup in baseball.  Mauer's offense and defense would be a significant upgrade over Jorge now, let alone in another year when Jorge will be older, slower, and more beat up.  Signing him to a long-term deal answers any questions about the Yankees future behind the plate before they can even be asked and frees them up to use their multitude of catching prospects to bring in more pitching or bench depth, which always comes in handy when you're in the postseason.

Mauer just needs to cut the shit with this "Hometown Boy" routine and man up and admit he wants to come to New York.  The guy isn't an idiot; he knows what kind of numbers he's already put up and what numbers he can put up moving forward, and he knows production like that at the plate and smooth play behind it equals big-time dollars.  Not to mention the fact that staying in Minnesota guarantees he never has a shot at winning the title, new stadium or no new stadium.  Nothing cements your place in baseball history like becoming the latest, and potentially greatest, in the long line of great catchers that have played for the most decorated organization in sports history.

The only question is, what number do the Yanks give Mauer since 7 is clearly not available?  Whatever he ends up choosing, the Yanks should do the smart thing when he signs this time next year and just retire it immediately.