Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joba Found CC's Lost 25 Pounds

Or at least some it, this according to Ben Shpigel's latest Tweet:

"Cashman on Joba: 'he's heavier.' How much heavier? 'He's heavier.'  Is he out of shape? 'He's heavier.'"

Ouch.  Not exactly coming to Joba's defense there, is Cash?  First Cash comes out and states that Joba is "not a lock" to make the 25-man this year and now he's subliminally calling him fat.  I can already hear the keyboards clicking as the anti-Cash horde gets ready to fire out more "Why is Cash talking so much in the media?"-type stories.

But the real issue here is Joba and his current status, both physical and within the graces, good or bad, of the organization.  I've already had my fun with Joba earlier this offseason, but I still thought the guy would eventually get it together and get focused on 2011.  Now he's showing up to camp overweight and doesn't seem to have anybody left in his corner, except for that half-eaten package of Ho-Hos.

After an up-and-down last couple of years and continuing media swirlings about his future, it would make sense for Joba to finally get committed and come have a dynamite year, throw it back in the Yankees' faces a bit for basically ruining his career and then bailing on him, and prove that he can still be a lights out pitcher.  Tweets like this one about his conditioning and what kind of shape he's in on the 2nd day of camp don't exactly speak to that.

If he stumbles out of the gate in ST, there's a good chance I start calling him Jabba from now on.