Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ironing Out The (Admittedly Minor) Outfield Overcrowding Problem

Before Spring Training started, I wrote this post on the potentially problematic position the Yankees found themselves in with respect to their outfield depth.  The combination of returning Major Leaguers, free agent signings, and prospect promotions had left them with too many able-bodied outfielders and not enough playing time for each.  Too much depth at any one position is always a better problem to have than not enough, and the Yankees owed it to themselves to investigate every possible outfield candidate to strengthen their platoon-heavy bench this season.  They also owed it to themselves to make sure that their best OF prospects were getting regular playing time at the appropriate level, and this is where the problem could have started.

2013 Season Preview: What We Know & What We Don't Know (The Bullpen)

(Sleep with one eye open... Courtesy of the AP)

As it tends to do every year, the Yankee bullpen came up big in 2012.  As it's never had to do in any year, it came up big without it's best pitcher.  The 'pen situation got thrown into a bit of a tailspin last May when Mo went down with his season-ending knee injury, but was quickly righted by some great work from Sour Puss and D-Rob.  As usual, a rotating cast of under-appreciated middle relievers chipped in and did their thing, and from that group who stepped up last year will come the bulk of this year's bullpen, with the King of all Relievers rightfully re-assuming his place at the throne.  Add a few injury returnees to full-time duty, and the 'pen is looking fully stocked again in 2013.

I'm Still Not Sold On Logan's Elbow

While the AB4AR jinx worked to perfection on Tuesday and pretty much every guy I name dropped in my bullpen post pitched like crap, the one positive bullpen appearance was that of Boone Logan.  It was his first game action of the spring and he looked pretty damn good, pitching a scoreless frame and striking out two of the four lefties he faced.  On the field he looked money, but his response to questions about how his left elbow felt after the game didn't fill me with the same confidence:

“It feels good, period. It really does. I promise."

It's been a while since I've had to use the "I promise" line on people, probably because I'm still single and haven't had to lie to a girlfriend in years.  But I can tell you from experience that when you're throwing out "I promise" as support that what you're saying is true, that's usually not a good thing.  We've got no choice but to take Logan at his word right now, but he sounds like a guy that would cave under cross-examination to me.