Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freddy And The Jesus Cement Their Postseason Roster Spots Tonight

(Probably your Game 3 ALDS starting pitcher.  Courtesy of the AP)

If there was any doubt that Jesus Montero and Freddy Garcia were going to play prominent roles in the Yankees' postseason plans, I think both of them ended that today.

The Jesus went 3-4, just a triple short of the cycle, with 2 runs scored and 4 driven in.  He absolutely owned Jon Lester in his first 2 at-bats and continues to show the plate discipline and ability to hit to all fields way beyond what he should rightfully be able to do as a 21-year-old.  I still say there's no reason why he shouldn't be penciled in as the DH every single game.

Freddy rebounded nicely from his recent struggles with 6 shutout innings against a decent Sawx lineup.  He allowed some hits, but all singles, and only walked 1 batter.  He mixed his pitches nicely and showed that he's more than capable of handling a postseason start.  I wouldn't be surprised if Joe dropped him the 3-slot behind Carsten and SuperNova and just went with those 3 for the ALDS.

One more win and the Yanks have homefield advantage through the AL postseason.  Plenty of opportunities to lock that up with the doubleheader tomorrow.

O Captain, My Captain!

How's a little 3-run job in your ear, Lester?  Fucking slob.

Shoulda rocked a little Cervelli clap when he touched home plate.