Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Quick HOF Post

You know it's Yankees, the whole Yankees, and nothing but the Yankees here at AB4AR (with a little Sawx and Mets bashing mixed in for flavor), but I have to take a quick minute to congratulate Bert Blyleven on finally making it to the Hall of Fame today, an accomplishment that should have taken place years ago.  He wasn't a Yankee, but any guy that can rock this t-shirt in the clubhouse...

..  and rocks multiple "fucks" live on the air is A-OK in my book.

P.S.- Donnie Baseball got 79 votes today and Tino got 6.  There we go, back to the Yankees.

Define "Interest"

"The New York Yankees have shown interest in free-agent starter Jeremy Bonderman, a major-league source told" (via John Morosi)

I think I just died a little inside.