Saturday, April 13, 2013

Can Eduardo Nunez Catch A Break?

(Courtesy of Getty Images)

Maybe?  Would that be too much to ask?  Dude finally seems to put it together with his throwing in the spring and gets the starting shortstop job dumped in his lap after Jeter's ankle setback.  He plays some good ball in the first few games, then gets hit with a pitch in the chest and has to miss one.  He comes back and struggles in the next few games and then gets hit with another pitch last night, knocking him out of the game and out of today's lineup with a bruised right wrist.

Once again, X-rays were negative and Nunez is being listed as day-to-day.  Per Chad Jennings' pregame notes, Joe said he doesn't expect Nunez back in the lineup until Tuesday at the earliest.  That's better news than what it could have been, as it was after the first HBP, but you gotta feel for Nunez a little bit with the tough start he's had.  He finally gets a chance to show he can be a productive everyday shortstop and he's getting knocked out of games left and right with HBPs.  The last thing the Yankees need is more banged up regulars, so hopefully these few days off are enough to get Nunez's wrist back to full strength.

Game 9 Wrap-Up: NYY 5 BAL 2

Weather has been wreaking havoc on the Yankees the past few days in Cleveland, so it was good for them to get out of there and get back home.  One positive thing the weather did do for them, however, was allow them to skip back to the top of their rotation for this weekend's series against division rival Baltimore.  They sent CC Sabathia out last night for his first start against the O's since Game 5 of last year's ALDS and he was every bit as dominant as he was on that night as he continues to work himself into top pitching shape.  I didn't watch, follow, or read a thing about this game so we're just skipping to the awards.