Monday, June 7, 2010

Teixeira Drops In All-Star Voting

Well it's an off-night for the Bombers tonight, which sucks, but it does leave me with more free time to bag on Mark Teixeira.  As if the poor bastard hasn't had things go hard enough for him lately, today's MLB press release on the AL All-Star voting carried this saddening news:

"Three-time American League All-Star Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins has continued his surge through the standings by overtaking Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees in the third set of American League balloting figures for the 81st All-Star Game, to be played on Tuesday, July 13th at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The third National League All-Star balloting update will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8th.

Bidding for his first fan-elected starting assignment, Morneau has jumped atop a deep field at first base with 973,563 votes, slightly ahead of 931,405 cast for Teixeira, who is aiming for his second straight fan election and his third overall. Miguel Cabrera (659,965) of the Detroit Tigers and Kevin Youkilis (456,101) of the Boston Red Sox rank third and fourth at the position, respectively." (courtesy of Major League Baseball)

I'll admit, I voted for Teix the last couple times I was at Miller Park recently and they passed out the ballots.  But I'm a fucking Yankee fan.  It would be sacreligious for me not to vote for him.  Anybody else in that group of 931,000+ who has been voting for Teix should have their fucking head examined.  The dude is terrible this season.  His yearly April slump carried right through May (save for 2 weeks) and has already settled in nicely for June and Teix has resorted to having clubhouse therapy sessions with his hitting coach to get his shit together.

Now Teix is staring at a .211/.363/.326 split a third of the way through the season, virtually guaranteeing himself no chance of replicating last year's almost MVP-Award-winning numbers and setting himself up to be on a shorter leash than A-Rod was on in the last few postseasons when the Yankees inevitably get there.  Good thing the Yanks have Jeter, Cano, A-Rod, Swish, Hughes, Pettitte, and Mo setting themselves up to be selected to participate in the ASG.  At least then Teix can feel like he's part of the action when he's curled up on the couch in his Snuggie watching the game with his wife.

I wonder if Teix called another impromptu meeting with Kevin Long today to discuss his drop in the ASG polls.  At least he can take solace in the fact that he's still whooping Kevin Youklis' candyass in the votes.  What's the story, Fraud Sox Nation?  Too busy jerking off to Rajon Rondo that you can't show ah little suppoaht fah yah boy, Thah YOOKAH?!?!  Figures.  Fucking fugazis.