Friday, June 18, 2010

Must Be A Mets-Yanks Weekend Series...

(Photo used courtesy of Deadspin)

... Because this motherfucker is ready to rock and roll in the bleachers!!  Probably going to be leading the roll call in the top of the 1st tonight.  It ain't the best beer choice, kid, but kudos to you anyway.

Enjoy the game tonight, Yankee fans.  I won't be able to watch it but I'll be getting hammered anyway.  Check back tomorrow and all weekend for hastily-thrown-together recaps and childish analysis of each game.

Turn That Frown Upside Down. The Mets Are Coming To Town

Ya know, I was still a little down in the dumps this afternoon thinking about how shitty last night's loss was.  And then I remember that the Mets will be in town this weekend and suddenly everything was all better.  See?  There they are above boarding the team bus.  David Wright, Jose Reyes, Gay-Rod, even Mr. Met himself is coming.

And the pitching matchups are the same as last time so we get to see Hughes-Pelfrey II, CC-Johan II, and the even more epic Vazquez-Takahashi II matchup tonight.  Hopefully the rest of the Yankees remember to bring their bats with them.  If they can do that, I promise you it will be a good weekend.

If only I wasn't stuck out here in Wisco with the fucking Brewers...


Oh Joba!!!  Look what you did!!  And all over the sheets too!  You are in big trouble, mister.

And you too, Damaso?!  Look at that mess!!  How can you still be doing this??  You're supposed to be a big boy.

You are both grounded!  Wait until your father gets home and sees this.  Unbelievable!