Thursday, September 8, 2011

AB4AR "Another Day Game" Linkapalooza

I can't explain why I haven't done a linkapalooza in a long time.  And there's really no excuse for it.  There are worlds of better writers and better blogs out there than this one covering the Yankees and I simply haven't been living up to my responsibilities to give them their props and spread their gospel.  That's unacceptable and so it will stop today.  If you're like me, and you're stuck in a cube without access to today's game, devote some time to reading this stuff.  I haven't done this in a while, so in my best A.J. Burnett fashion, I guess I'll post these links the best that I can.

- Hippeaux of IIATMS created a bit of stir around the Yankosphere earlier this week with this piece about WAR being the new RBI.  The Hipster argues that WAR is just as dependent on context as RBI, which you can choose to believe or not believe on your own, but it's a very interesting and thought-provoking post.  High recommendation.

- In response to that post, William at The Captain's Blog put together this post arguing that WAR is not the new RBI while still admitting that there are flaws in the WAR stat.  William also delves into the major flaws with the UZR stat.  Another must-read for any stat freak out there.

- Joe Paw of RAB broke down the Cy Young race between CC and Justin Verlander on Tuesday.  You'd be a fool to think that Verlander isn't the favorite, but like Joe says at the end, a monster September for CC could help him steal it.

- Dan Hanzus of River & Sunset had a post yesterday on Jeter's resurgent year this year and how the way he carries himself during it is reminiscent of Donnie Baseball's final Yankee years.

- Friend of the blog Larry Koestler from the TYA crew put together an all-encompassing analysis of Phil Hughes' 2-strike problems and comes to the conclusion that we'll likely see Phil back in the 'pen come this postseason because of his underwhelming secondary stuff and inability to finish hitters off with it.  The post made me sad, but it was right on the money.

- Ian Casselberry of Big League Stew adds a few more tidbits to A.J.'s historic wild pitch night last night.


- Joel Sherman of The Post had a good article today about Dave Robertson's importance this year and beyond.

- Continuing that trend, John Harper of the Daily News called D-Rob even more important than Mo when it comes to the Yankees' postseason success.  I have to say, it's a valid point.  Who knows how many 4-or-more-out saves Mo has left in him.  D-Rob locking down the 8th inning will go a long way towards keeping Mo fresh for the entirety of the postseason run.

There you go.  Enjoy.  Game's on right now, so it's time to bring up the online gamecast and watch it like an idiot as if it were an actual game.