Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Series Rematch! ZOMG!!!

The Phillies return to the Bronx tonight looking to exact even MORE revenge for last year's WS loss as they send last year's postseason hero, Cliff Lee, to the mound against Carsten in a rematch of last year's Game 1.

Oh wait, that's right.  Philly doesn't have Cliff Lee anymore because they stupidly traded him for Roy Halladay, leaving their spotty rotation exactly where it was to end 2009 and less than up to the task of beating teams with their pitching now that their supposed "American League" offense has forgotten how to hit the ball.  And it's not even like they have an excuse like the Yankees, who have dealt with major injuries to 3 All-Star-caliber starters, some key bench players, and pretty much the entire bullpen since the season starter.  The Phillies have just flat out played like dogshit for the better part of the season.

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Suck it, Philly.  Go ahead and get all excited about this series and how it's going to help jumpstart the rest of your season.  I personally don't give a fuck if you come in and sweep the series starting tonight.  You're still going to be toiling away in the middle of your division behind the Braves, setting yourselves up for an epic battle for the NL Wild Card, while the Yankees will still be cruising towards another division title and World Series while they wait for the rest of the team to finally get healthy.