Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank God For Nick Swisher

Shit was looking pretty grim until Swish put a little super polish on the turd that was today's game.  That knee must be feeling better.  Ball's in your court now, Tampa.


A Little Wednesday Bad News

From the always reliable LoHud:

"Girardi said Alfredo Aceves will not be back this season. He’s being evaluated by a doctor again for this back problem that has sidelined him since May. Girardi said Aceves didn’t feel good after his last rehab outing, and that surgery could be an option.

Girardi also said Damaso Marte probably won’t be back this season. The lefty was very useful out of the pen in the postseason last year. But his shoulder is still problematic. Marte hasn’t given up on October, but he said it’s some sort of a labrum issue and that he feels he’s just at 40 percent."

Looks like Boone Logan and Sergio Mitre's postseason roster spots just got a lot safer.  And that leaves the door open for Gaudin and Nova too.  Hope you all keep wearing the big boy pants, gentlemen.  Shit's about to get real in a month or so.

P.S.- Hughes having his next start skipped.  He won't be pitching again until a week from today.  Extended rest hasn't done him a whole lot of good so far this year, but with the way he's been scuffling as his innings continue to increase, it might not be a bad move.