Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back On Top

Oh hello there, first place!  Good to see you again.  How ya been?

After a tough first inning in which he allowed 2 runs, Ivan Nova stepped up and got it together, allowing just 3 total baserunners (2 on an intentional walk and an error by Derek Jeter) over the next 6 inning of shutout ball to continue his ways.  Sprinkle in a rare Brett Gardner home run, a Robbie Cano single that put him on the doorstep of another 100-RBI season, some shutdown bullpen work by Sour Puss and Mo in D-Rob's absence, and the Rangers shitcanning the Red Sox, and you've got yourself a good night.

The magic number is down to 17 and the Yanks get right back at trying to shave it down some more this afternoon with the $900,000 Man on the hill.  Unfortunately I will not be around to watch or comment today, as I'll be enjoying the Pearl Jam 20 Year Anniversary Concert in East Troy.  So while I'm drinking my face off and rocking out to Queens of The Stone Age, I hope y'all will be doing the same to the Bombers this afternoon and some college football tonight.  Enjoy, and I'll catch you some time on Sunday when I stumble back into sobriety.