Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lookin' Good, Carsten

And the strange offseason picture weekend continues here at AB4AR.  Here's CC on MSG the other night rocking a killer Rampage Jackson/B.A. Baracus beard:

Goddamn!!  That thing is vicious!  He might want to think about keeping that thing going into Spring Training and the start of the regular season.  Maybe take it to the next level and rock the big chain like Rampage.  I know I look at Rampage and poop my pants a little bit.  Maybe the CC beard could have the same effect on hitters.

Yeah, you know it's slow here when I'm spending time ragging on Joba hanging out with Mickey Mouse and analyzing CC's new beard.  Lee is waiting, Andy is deciding, Jeter and Mo are locked up, and the Yankees lost out on pretty much every other potential free agent they could have been interested in so I have to fill space here somehow, right?