Friday, January 13, 2012

Which Rotation Looks Better To You?

Option 1)

1) CC
2) Nova
3) A.J.
4) Freddy
5) Hughes

Option 2)

1) CC
2) Pineda
3) Kuroda
4) Nova
5) Hughes

I mean, really!  Do you even have to think about it?  Once again, the Yankees zag when everyone thinks they're zigging.  And yes, I assume Hughes will be given the best chance to win the 5th rotation spot over A.J. and Freddy.


BREAKING NEWS!!!!: Yankees Trade Jesus for Michael Pineda

ESPN has it already, so it sounds legit.

The Yankees have traded Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi to the Mariners for Michael Pineda and Jose Campos.  Details to follow...

** UPDATE- 7:51PM- From looking around the interweb, this seems about as real as it gets.  Once again, the Yankees come out of nowhere to make a major move.  From what I'm gathering on Campos, he's one of the better prospects in the Mariners' system.  And he's only 19 years old. **

** UPDATE- 7:58PM- Jack Curry is reporting that the Yankees have signed Hiroki Kuroda to a 1-year, $10 million deal.  The lion has struck from the tall grass...

** UPDATE- 8:44PM- Pineda in 2011: 171 IP, 9.11 K/9, 3.74 ERA/3.42 FIP.  22 years old; under team control for 5 years.  Campos rated #5 prospect in Mariners' system by Baseball Prospectus.  K'd 85 and only walked 13 in 81.1 IP of A-ball in 2011. **

The New Mets Tickets Promotional Video Is Pretty Accurate

It's funny because it's true!  That pretty much sums up what it's like to be a Met these days.  To be perfectly honest, I think I'd rather be an abused, abandoned dog stuck in a shitty shelter than be a member of the New York Mets baseball team.  I actually wouldn't be surprised if this boosted sales simply out of pity for those poor players.  For a split second there I was reaching for my desk phone to call the number, but then I snapped back to my senses.  Damn it's good to be a Yankee fan.

Kudos to Randy Medina at The Apple for putting this together.  A+ stuff right there.

That's More Like It

Via Joel Sherman, Hal Steinbrenner, despite agreeing to meet with Scott Boras to discuss Edwin Jackson, "has yet to OK expanding payroll to add a significant player," which is music to my ears after a long, sleepless night spent tossing and turning while worrying what kind of crazy Friday the 13th shenanigans could happen today.

It's nothing against Jackson.  I'm sure he's a nice kid and would probably provide more value in the rotation this season than A.J.  But he's a Boras client, and that can be a dangerous situation, especially when your plan is to cut payroll and only look for one-year deals at the right price.  Jackson is not a one-year deal candidate and he's certainly not the type of pitcher to warrant the Yankees deviating from their plan.  Just stay the course, be patient, and listen to whatever Cash says.