Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

You want back-to-back home runs?  You got it.  You want hit batters?  You got it.  You want retaliatory hit batters?  You got it.  You want questionable starting pitching?  You got it.  You want lockdown bullpen work?  You got it.  You want timely hitting from the whole lineup?  You got it.  You want another nice play by C-Grand in center field you got it.

Last night was like a Ponderosa buffet for a Yankee fan.  It wasn't all good and it wasn't all enjoyable, but there was certainly something for everybody.  Dustin Moseley was blah again after getting off to a decent start, but since he wasn't terrible it's likely he'll stay in the rotation as Andy continues to experience issues with his groin.  Between Andy's balky groin, Javy's dead arm, and Phil's innings limitation (sitting at 134.3 out of 175 before today's start), there might have to be some creativity down the stretch to get the most out of the rotation.

Another question to ponder before this afternoon's finale: what nickname should we give to the righty trio of D-Rob, Wood, and Joba?  Those 3 have been devestating since Wood's arrival and Robertson's swap with Joba for the 8th-inning role.  So what do we call these guys?  Or do we even call them anything yet?  These are the things you should be thinking about, people.