Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gardy Gets A Leadoff Audition Tonight

Tonight's lineup, via LoHud:

1) Gardner LF
2) Jeter SS
3) Teixeira 1B
4) Rodriguez 3B
5) Cano 2B
6) Swisher RF
7) Posada DH
8) Granderson CF
9) Montero C

SP) Hughes RHP

No need to get too excited as it's a sure thing that Jeter will be manning the top spot once the season starts, even if Gardner goes 3-3 with a walk, 3 runs scored, and 2 SB tonight.  But it's good to see Joe experimenting early and getting himself some firsthand information on what a Gardner-Jeter top of the order looks like should he need to re-examine the situation later in the year.

I still like the idea of using C-Grand in the 2-spot this year.  His combination of speed and power could be a great dual-threat table setting option for Teix, A-Rod, and Cano.  And he's less of a groundball hitter than Jeter, which reduces the risk of hitting into double plays.  But hey, that's just me.