Sunday, February 24, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Curtis Granderson Out With A Fractured Right Forearm

I was hoping it wouldn't be this bad after first reading that he had left the game after getting hit on the right wrist in his first AB of 2013, but the Yankees are calling Curtis Granderson's injury a fractured right forearm according to multiple reporters, and he is expected to be out 10 weeks.

This is obviously a huge unexpected blow to the Yankees and what was expected to be a weaker offense this year.  More details to come on this story as they become available.

** UPDATE 2:05 PM- Just to clarify, the 10 weeks includes time needed to recover and rehab (via Jack Curry). **

** UPDATE 2:29PM- Granderson on the injury- "I was excited. My body was feeling good, mind was feeling good and I was ready to go. Five pitches in we have a little setback. They said it could be worse. Now we rest, recover, get it back and get ready to play whenever that day comes. " (via Mark Feinsand) **

** UPDATE 2:52PM- Via Bryan Hoch, Cash has already ruled out the possibility of Eduardo Nunez being an OF replacement for Granderson. **

** UPDATE 3:19PM- Via Erik Boland, Cash has said that all current replacement options are internal.  We'll see how long that lasts. **

Yanks Not Willing To Give Up Much For Soriano

As the transition from offseason to preseason has been made, the chatter about what players the Yankees might go after to fill out their roster, or at least add depth for the ST competitions, has quieted down considerably.  One player whose name never really picked up a lot of steam was Alfonso Soriano, who the Cubs would love to get rid of and who would have been a great fit for the Yankees' righty OF needs.  Earlier this week, Jon Heyman all but put the final nail in the coffin of any "Soriano to the Yanks" possibility by tweeting that the Yankees weren't willing to give up much in the way of prospects to bring Soriano back.

According to Heyman, the Yankees wouldn't be willing to give up a "good" prospect let alone a top one for Soriano, who still has 2 years and $36 mil left on his current contract.  Heyman did say they would be willing to pay 10 of the remaining $36 million, but with Theo looking to add talent to his rebuilding project in Chicago that bit of financial relief won't be enough to get a deal done if it doesn't include said talent.  When I wrote about the idea of adding Soriano late last year, I said I'd like to have him if the costs required tipped a little more in the Yankees' favor.  If even a good prospect is still a part of those costs, I'm more than willing to pass on Soriano and it appears the Yankee brass is as well.

Spring Training Game 1 Wrap-Up: NYY 8 ATL 3

(Courtesy of the AP)

There wasn't a whole lot of meaning to yesterday's Spring Training opener, other than players on both sides using it to take the next step in their preparation for the 2013 season.  Major League participants in yesterday's game were outnumbered by the Minor League counterparts, and most of them didn't stay in the game for more than 3-4 innings.  It was about what you'd expect from a ST opener, with little to be taken from the game that will have an impact on the big picture.  But just like the players have to get back in the groove of their regular baseball routine, so do the bloggers.  So I'm using yesterday's game as my early Spring Training workout for getting back into doing game recaps.

Game Notes:

- David Phelps got his 5th starter competition off to a solid start, pitching 2 innings of shutout ball and allowing 3 hits.  Just a small first step, but still a good first step.

- Brett Marshall looked good in his 2 relief innings of Phelps.  He did give up an earned run on a walk and a double, but he also struck out 2 batters and had his fastball sitting 93-94.  Not bad velocity for a first spring outing.

- Strong showing for a couple MiL outfielders.  Melky Mesa showed off his speed with a nice play in center and a stolen base that led to a run in the 3rd.  Zoilo Almonte was the star of the day with a great throw to nail a runner trying to go 1st to 3rd on a single and a 2-run homer in the 4-run 3rd.

- Robinson Cano also looked good in his first game of the year, belting a solo shot in the 5th and scoring 2 runs.  He's got about a week's worth of ST games left before joining his team for the WBC.