Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everybody SHHHHHHHHH!!!! The Mets Are Trying To Play Baseball

"Quiet please, the Mets are trying to play baseball.

The Amazin’s are silently floating plans for a “designated quiet-seating section” in Citi Field.

The team e-mailed a survey to fans yesterday, asking about their ballpark experience — including queries about the scoreboard, between-inning entertainment, music, and even interactions with Mr. Met....

This proposed silent treatment would apply to a section in the second-deck, left-field seats that now go for between $20 and $78 a ticket, depending on the opponent." (Courtesy of The Post)

Designated quiet-seating section?  Have the Mets' brass BEEN to Citi Field?  The whole place is a designated quiet-seating section.  That's what happens when your fanbase gets so disgusted with your team that they stop showing up.


In all seriousness, is there a more "typical Mets" move than this?  I mean, other than whining to MLB to get a call overturned so they can sell more fake tickets to their fake fans for another fake no-hitter, even though their own manager and the guy who threw the fake no-hitter openly admit that the call won't and shouldn't get overturned.

When Can I Start Worrying About Manny Banuelos?

(Am I the only one looking at the elbow there?  Courtesy of Bombers Beat/Bryan Hoch)

When Jesus Montero was jettisoned off to the land of grunge, Manny Banuelos became the clear cut #1 prospect in the Yankee organization.  If you voted for Gary Sanchez, more power to you, but a 21-year-old lefty with ace-caliber stuff and advanced command who rises through the system to Triple-A in just 3 full seasons gets the nod in my book.  After he put in some solid work in his brief SWB debut late last season, and impressed the Yankee coaching staff in Spring Training, my hope/dream/thought was that ManBan would be best served spending another year in Triple-A refining his command and building up his innings count to prepare for an introduction to the Yankee rotation as a low-stress #4 or #5 starter in 2013.  But with the way things have gone for Manny over the past couple seasons, now I'm not so sure about that plan.  I swear I'm not trying to be the harbinger of prospect doom here, but in the same way that I was concerned about Dellin Betances last week, I've got some concerns about ManBan now.

Game 62 Wrap-Up: NYY 3 ATL 2

(Bump it.  Courtesy of The AP)

As far as the game notes go for this one, I'm just going to refer everybody back to the live blog of the game from last night.  I think it paints a pretty good picture of how everything went down.

As for who got the good checks and who got the bad checks on their postgame report cards, you can find that out after the jump.