Friday, July 8, 2011

An Open Letter To The Team- Find The Offense


What's the deal?  Last time I checked, Jeter was the only player in the lineup on the verge of reaching a major milestone and yet everybody seems to be playing like the spotlight is on them and they can't handle it.  And he's one of the few who's actually getting some hits here and there lately?  What the hell are the rest of you doing?  The 9 runs in support of CC the other night were nice, but just 9 combined runs in the other 4 games of this 1-4 stretch?  That's just completely pathetic.

I'm tired of watching Robbie swing at the first pitch, or the second, or the third, and make outs with runners on base.  I'm tired of watching Russell Martin beat hittable pitches into the ground like he's doing a Jeter impression, and I'm really tired of watching Teix pull off of everything too early and either hit lazy fly balls to right or ground out into the shift.  I love ya, Teix, and I've been making excuses for you because of your low BABIP, but you're about to dip below .240 on the year and that's just not acceptable.

We've been through this enough this year, and it has to stop.  Cut the shit with these week-long offensive dry spells and live up to your reputations and high team wOBA and hit the fucking ball with some authority and score some fucking runs!!  You got shut down by goddamn Jeff Niemann last night!  Stop playing tight because of the 3,000 hits thing, calm the fuck down, and be professionals.  Everybody knows you can do it, so start doing it.  Christ.