Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 AB4AR Season Review: The Rotation

(Don't get it twisted. This guy is still the man.  Courtesy of the AP)

Nobody could say that the Yankees didn't do everything possible to fortify and overstock their rotation for the 2012 season.  Signings, trades, promotions, they covered it from every conceivable angle short of investing money into cloning CC.  With their offense consistently taking a dump in the postseason, and the rotation usually not being good enough in the postseason to carry the load, Cash made damn sure that lack of starting pitching was not going to be a reason why the Yanks didn't take the title home in 2012.  He started with a pre-emptive re-negotiation of CC's deal and didn't stop until Andy Pettitte came out of left field to sign his name on the dotted line as extra insurance.

The variety of moves to build the 2012 rotation was reflected in the diversity the Yankees built in their depth.  They had CC, Hughes, and Nova left over from 2011, they traded for Michael Pineda, signed Hiroki Kuroda, and locked up Freddy Garcia and Pettitte as that previously-mentioned veteran insurance.  As we all found out with every disappointing DL stint, it was insurance and veteran experience that was much needed for this group, and despite all the setbacks and unfortunate circumstances, the Yankee rotation collectively remained one of the best in baseball and a source of strength for the 2012 club.

Re-Signing Russ Is The Right Move

(Bring this guy back.  Courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Newsday)

It could be a lot different.  Russell Martin could be kicking back right now recuperating from the long season and waiting to enter the second year of a 3-year contract.  But he chose to decline the Yankees' offer before this season and took the plunge on another 1-year deal.  That plan backfired a little bit on him, as Martin's .211/.311/.403 batting this season didn't do a lot to help his negotiating leverage this offseason.  But Martin is a known commodity in the Yankee organization, and a valued on at that, and down season or not it sounds like things are already progressing towards a new deal to stay in the Bronx.

Anthony McCarron of The Daily News reported on Sunday that the team and Martin's agent have already talked and that, "it was all very positive."  Nobody is close to putting pen to paper yet, but the fact that talks are starting this quickly shows there is desire on both sides to have Russ remain in a Yankee uniform next year.  Checking the rest of the backstop landscape this offseason, that's the best move the Yankees can make to address their catching situation.

You Didn't Think I'd Let This Slide, Did You?

Offseason sounds like it's going swimmingly in Bahhston:

"In the 10 years that I have (been) in Boston, I have been the soul of the organization and there has never been a second where David Ortiz being able to go on the field and do what he does has decided to stay seated."

Big Sloppi just doing the damn thing like always.  Nothing says "soul of the organization" like openly stating that you're the soul of the organization to the press in response to accusations made weeks ago by your FORMER manager and then referring to yourself in the third person.  David Ortiz: teammate, leader, inspiration.  I pretty much gave up on trying to make fun of the Fraud Sawx months ago, but I can't stay away when Sloppi is shooting his mouth off.  It's like that crazy ex-girlfriend you can't stop thinking about.  You complete me, David.  You complete me.

P.S.- Offseason or not, my "throw to injure" order still stands.  Somebody please hit this asshole.