Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Didn't Think I'd Let This Slide, Did You?

Offseason sounds like it's going swimmingly in Bahhston:

"In the 10 years that I have (been) in Boston, I have been the soul of the organization and there has never been a second where David Ortiz being able to go on the field and do what he does has decided to stay seated."

Big Sloppi just doing the damn thing like always.  Nothing says "soul of the organization" like openly stating that you're the soul of the organization to the press in response to accusations made weeks ago by your FORMER manager and then referring to yourself in the third person.  David Ortiz: teammate, leader, inspiration.  I pretty much gave up on trying to make fun of the Fraud Sawx months ago, but I can't stay away when Sloppi is shooting his mouth off.  It's like that crazy ex-girlfriend you can't stop thinking about.  You complete me, David.  You complete me.

P.S.- Offseason or not, my "throw to injure" order still stands.  Somebody please hit this asshole.

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