Sunday, June 20, 2010

$341 Million Well Spent

Chalk up another series win and the outright division lead for the Bombers!!  And they have the 2 big prizes from the 2008 free agent sweepstakes to thank for it.

Teix still doesn't look like he is all the way back to where he should be at the plate, but his grand slam off of Santana today was picture perfect.  He's still hitting under .230 on the year, but at least he's producing runs with the hits he does get (44 RBIs on the year).  It almost makes you wonder where Teix's numbers would be right now if he was hitting half as well as he did last season.  His GS today did represent the only Yankee offense for the day, but it was the only offense they would need with the way CC threw.

CC was an absolute machine, much more like the CC we're used to seeing than what he had been before last week.  He threw 8 shutout innings, allowing just 6 baserunners and striking out 6.  He showed much better fastball command than he had been showing, and used his off-speed stuff beautifully on both sides of the plate to force a lot of bad Met swings and to get strikeouts when he needed them.  The only thing that prevented CC from finishing this masterpiece up himself was that bitch, Mother Nature, because the Mets certainly didn't have anything for him.

In his 4 June starts, CC is 4-0 with a 2.48 ERA with 28 Ks in 29 IP.  He has lowered his ERA from 4.16 to a much more CC-like 3.68 and his record is now 8-3.  If he can keep this hot streak going as the weather continues to heat up, the Yankees are going to be in good shape.

P.S.- Johan Santana, BAH!!